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Warehouse Lighting Upgrade

This local company's warehouse was poorly lit due to old lighting and blown bulbs. We replaced 26 fixtures with new LED's and their warehouse looks cleaner, brighter and safer since our install! 

Lyons National Bank Project in Fairport, NY

In comparison, here is the original site that Lyons National Bank in Fairport, NY started with and where it was completed with a beautiful full service bank. Our valued electricians worked tirelessly to complete both the interior as well as exterior lighting for this site. Truly a work of art in aesthetics in the interior and exterior of this beautiful building now in place and up and running flawlessly. 

Panel Box in Macedon, NY

This customer contacted us as some of the store employees were not comfortable with the breakers in the panel box needing attention when a breaker would trip. The panel box had no identifying labels to let them know what they could turn on and off. A panel box can be somewhat intimidating especially those who know nothing about electricity except that it can shock you. It is important that your panel is labeled so that in a situation where your circuit trips, you can identify what circuit it is on. 

Our certified technician took the time to trace out each of these circuits and placed a label on the panel box door for the employees to see what each of the breakers turned on and off. This procedure is very important especially in an emergency situation. 

If your panel box is missing labels or is just plain old and outdated we suggest a free in home estimate to review and if needed install a new panel box. 

Exterior lighting repair in Ontario, NY

We were called to a business in Ontario, NY for an exterior fixture that had fallen off their building and was hanging from the electric line. Concerned that it not only was a fire hazard, but that their evening security light had been compromised we took the time to troubleshoot the reason for the light falling off as well as reinstalling it and checking to be sure it was illuminated once again providing a safe parking area for patrons as well as employees.

Auditorium LED Lighting Upgrade

Installation of some new LED lighting for this auditorium. These fixtures will provide much needed light for various events.

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