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Panel Box in Macedon, NY

Panel Box in Macedon, NY

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Panel Box in Macedon, NY Panel Box in Macedon, NY

This customer contacted us as some of the store employees were not comfortable with the breakers in the panel box needing attention when a breaker would trip. The panel box had no identifying labels to let them know what they could turn on and off. A panel box can be somewhat intimidating especially those who know nothing about electricity except that it can shock you. It is important that your panel is labeled so that in a situation where your circuit trips, you can identify what circuit it is on. 

Our certified technician took the time to trace out each of these circuits and placed a label on the panel box door for the employees to see what each of the breakers turned on and off. This procedure is very important especially in an emergency situation. 

If your panel box is missing labels or is just plain old and outdated we suggest a free in home estimate to review and if needed install a new panel box. 

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Reviews From Macedon
Testimonials From Macedon
This homeowner contacted us after moving into NYS, expressing his interest in having a standby generator...
Testimonial by Don H. from Macedon, NY
So very happy I have the generator
Testimonial by Sally C. from Macedon, NY

Residential Electrical Contractor in Macedon, NY

Are you searching for a reliable and local electrician to fix electrical problems in your home? Marlock Electric employs expert electricians that will provide the highest quality of electrical services in your Macedon home.  By scheduling a FREE estimate, you will be able to hear firsthand what our certified expert recommends to ensure your home is safe and up to code.    

Electrical issues are a safety hazard for you and your family.  If you know you have a problem, do not wait until it is too late! Faulty or frayed wiring can cause detrimental house fires, something that is avoidable with up-to-code electrical.  Call 1-844-747-2911 or click to schedule your FREE, no-obligation estimate with your locally owned and trusted electrician — Marlock Electric!

Commercial Electrician Proudly Serving Macedon

Owning a commercial property comes with the responsibility to ensure the building and those who work inside are safe.  Electrical that is not up to code is a serious safety hazard.  If you need someone to solve a specific electrical problem or you are unsure about your building being up to code, contact your dependable electricians at Marlock Electric.  As your local experts, we provide a wide variety of commercial electrical services to keep your business open and running smoothly.

We offer free estimates in Macedon and nearby areas.  Call us today at 1-844-747-2911 or click to schedule yours with a licensed commercial electrician.  

Generator Installation in Macedon, NY

Home Generator Set UpNew York can experience intense weather that results in power outages.  These outages an sometimes last for days, or even longer. If your home does not have a generator, then you and your family will experience complications due to the power outage.  The best way to ensure life goes on as normal during an outage is to have a permanent generator installed.

A whole-house generator installed by Marlock Electric provides backup electrical power to keep important home systems operational.  Our permanent generator solutions provide better quality, durability, and protection than portable generators.

We install home generators that are designed to come on automatically when utility-supplied electricity is interrupted. Special circuitry is installed between the generator and your main electrical service panel that can allocate standby electrical power to different circuits. This control circuitry ensures that key home systems (water heaters, HVAC system, refrigerator, etc.) can keep operating.  Our generators also offer the option for Mobile Link control, allowing you to run your generator remotely from anywhere.

With a properly sized home generator, you won’t need to empty your refrigerator or move into a hotel. There will be no need to call upon friends if you need to take showers, wash clothes, or enjoy the comfort of heated or air conditioned living space. When the grid goes down, a home generator comes to the rescue with backup electrical power.  Call 1-844-747-2911 or click to schedule your free estimate! We provide reliable generator installation in Macedon and nearby areas!

Case Studies From Macedon
An elderly woman contacted us because she was experiencing frequent power outages and was becoming quite concerned. These power outages were...
A Macedon, NY homeowner called our office and indicated that she had a "burning" smell in her grandsons bedroom area of the house. She had already...
Job Stories From Macedon, NY
14KW Standby Generator

This customer was concerned about loosing power. She currenty had a portable generator with a interlock kit but decided it was time to step up to an automatic generator. 

14KW Standby Generator - Photo 1
Generator Install for Macedon, NY Resident

Karen contacted Marlock Electric expressing interest in an automatic standby generator for her home. At the time, Karen had already received install estimates from 3 other companies. After meeting with Shawn Burditt, Marlock Electric's generator specialist, Karen was blown away by Shawn's knowledge, honesty and his approach to her project. 


The next day Karen had made her decision and chose to have Marlock Electric be her exclusive generator provider and installer. Marlock Electric was able to provide Karen peace of mind by installing a 22KW Generac unit with a whole house transfer switch. Karen is also pleased to know Marlock Electric will servicing her generator on a yearly basis for years to come!

Generator Install for Macedon, NY Resident - Photo 1
Parkwood Heights, Macedon

Marlock Electric was the chosen electrical contractor for this new build project called the villas of Parkwood Heights. These duplex homes are within a senior living community and are for people who do not want to deal with the stress of owning a home anymore, but want to keep the freedom it brings. The community is filled with couples who are either retired, plan on retiring, or who just want to be in a community with couples similar to them. Each villa is protected by a 22 kw Generac generator, installed by our technicians. If the power ever goes out, these elderly couples will never have to worry about keeping warm, their pipes freezing, or food going bad. This sense of protection and security makes the community much more enjoyable and stress-free, which is the feel that the owners want residents to feel.

Our team installed electrical services for each villa, as well as all the new lighting. The new lights that our team installed, varies from different types of LED lighting such as LED recessed cans, surface mounts, vanity lighting, dusk to dawn exterior lighting, etc. All electrical wiring was also run by our team to give power for all electrical appliances (i.e. washer, dryer, and all kitchen appliances), entertainment systems (such as televisions, desktop computers, radios), as well as air conditioning and fans on those hot summer days, or heat throughout the winter.

Also within this community, are independent apartments suitable for senior living, with around the clock care. Our team is always going back to complete tasks within those apartments and buildings whether it's to upgrade lighting, or service an existing problem.



Parkwood Heights, Macedon - Photo 1Parkwood Heights, Macedon - Photo 2Parkwood Heights, Macedon - Photo 3Parkwood Heights, Macedon - Photo 4Parkwood Heights, Macedon - Photo 5Parkwood Heights, Macedon - Photo 6
Panel box questions for business owners in Macedon, NY

If you have ever been in your electrical panel box you might wonder what all those switches are for? For most these panels have labels that identify what each goes to in case of an outage in areas of your home or office. One of the most troubling issues for most people that are not familiar with electric is being able to tell what switch needs attending when power goes out. The best way to accomplish this is to label the panel box for every circuit that is used. The business owners of this Macedon, NY storefront had a very hard time telling what these circuits went to and typically tracing them out can take hours to figure out what circuit goes where, or for that matter some are one multiple circuits. There's no telling how these panels are wired in except by connecting with the original installer or by labeling the panel box accordingly. We provide this service for many businesses and homeowners alike. It truly is helpful when these panels are coded correctly and we can schedule an appointment to give you peace of mind as well. Call today and our office will be happy to schedule an appointment convenient for you. 

Panel box questions for business owners in Macedon, NY - Photo 1Panel box questions for business owners in Macedon, NY - Photo 2Panel box questions for business owners in Macedon, NY - Photo 3
Work Requests From Macedon, NY
Project Location: Macedon, NY
All of our outside electrical plugs stopped working.
Project Location: Macedon, NY
I have 3 ceiling fans that operate off of one switch that are no longer working. The switch was put in 6 months ago.
Project Location: Macedon, NY
Hello! I was wondering what your booking is looking like! I would like to have my 100 amp service upgraded to 200 amp along with some outdoor outlets for a swim spa installation by Mid July at the latest. I am located in Macedon! Please let me know if this is a possibility!
Project Location: Macedon, NY
Conduit separation where service goes from house to barn
Project Location: Macedon, NY
Power Panel upgrade to 150 AMP on a 1964 ranch and generator bypass switch for existing generator.
Project Location: Macedon, NY
My attached garage no longer has power. Everything in the house is good. I need a pro to find the problem and fix it.
Project Location: Macedon, NY
Looking for prices on whole home generator
Project Location: Macedon, NY
Interested in having a Generac Generator installed for my home.
Project Location: Macedon, NY
Converting 220 electric stove circuit/line to 110 standard outlet
Project Location: Macedon, NY
Would like a quote on house re-wire/upgrade. House built in early 60's
Project Location: Macedon, NY
Need existing dining room ceiling fixture replaced with a new one. Normal ceiling height
Project Location: Macedon, NY
Two ceiling fans to install One Kitchen Fixture to install Re-locate a switch in the laundry Install Dimmer Switches compatible with LED Replace Closet Fixture with LED fixture Ideas for lighting up a Pantry Project can easily wait until after the Thanksgiving holiday. Thankyou
Project Location: Macedon, NY
My service meter is loose from the house due to rot of underlying wood. Most wood (near garage door) replaced, but meter box needs to be reattached to a backer board.
Project Location: Macedon, NY
Would like to upgrade to a 200amp box
Project Location: Macedon, NY
I am in process of replacing a fireplace surround and have a circuit I would like replaced. It is old wiring which I cut short and would like an estimate to replace asap.
Project Location: Macedon, NY
Not sure if your company offers this, but I was looking to run a cat-5 or cat-6 ethernet cable in my house. The cable would run from the modem on the ground floor, to the basement. I'm looking in to two options. 1. Run the ethernet cable from the modem down to a large cabinet that stores my fuse box in the basement (Almost directly below the location of the modem) and end with a female end in the cabinet. There is already a tv cable that runs from where the modem is to this same cabinet, so you would have an existing cable to follow. 2. Do the same as above, but also run the cable through the wall in the basement to the other side of the basement where our entertainment center is. I'd estimate the length of cable to be run would be about 50 feet, with 3 corners along the way. The wall already has a tv cable running through it all the way from the cabinet where the fuse box is to the entertainment center. I was hoping to get a quote on either option. I don't really have a timetable on when this would need to be done. If you have any further questions I'd prefer an email, but feel free to email me whenever. Thanks
Project Location: Macedon, NY
Hi, I am looking for an estimate to update my homes electrical service from 100Amp to 200 amp including a new panel. I believe the line from the pole will need to be replaced along with the meter on the house. The meter box is also loose from the wall on the exterior of the house. The panel box also has a generator transfer box wired into it. I look forward to your reply thanks
Project Location: Macedon, NY
We don't have any power on one side of our house.
Project Location: Macedon, NY
Need a quote for electrical for hot tub install.
Project Location: Macedon, NY
Quote: to upgrade 100amp transformer to 200amp. and new hook up of equipment. 208v 3phase 60amp
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