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Local Newark, NY store gets exterior lighting upgrade

Marlock Electric technicians recently installed new exterior lighting to a local business in Newark, NY. The new lighting matches the feel of the historic building on Main St while also providing great visibility to the store signage at night. Another great example of the lighting options we provide for businesses. 

Shining a light on the largest benefactor in history of colleges in Geneva, NY

Recently a request to add lighting to a wall mural in Geneva, NY prompted us to install a new LED accent strip light to focus on the wall mural seen here. 

Security Lighting in Geneva, NY

This Geneva customer was looking to brighten this darkened walkway for both security and safety. We were able to install new LED fixed lighting to the stairwell area giving the safety and security asked for. If you have darkened areas in your yard or business you would like illuminated for your safety and security call today for a no-obligation estimate today.   1-844-747-2911

Darkened Hallways Get a Face Lift in Geneva, NY

The facility seen here had not been built that long ago, and the architects of the building tried to give light to the surrounding halls with as much light as possible. Unfortunately the dimly lit hallways were an issue especially for those with disabilities to navigate. Marlock Electric was able to redesign and add the needed 2x2 LED flat panel fixtures that allowed adequate lighting for both safety and uplifting employee moral. We hope this provides years of clear visibility for our clients and their great employees. 

Commercial lighting in Waterloo, NY

Some of the projects we complete are nothing more than simple service calls to address light outages within commercial buildings. Most times it is a matter of replacing the current failed bulb but for this project in Waterloo, NY it was necessary to change more than this, and while on site, the customer approved an upgrade to a more energy efficient LED light bulb to replace the old incandescent lighting. The brightness of a new LED bulb is much lighter as well as more energy efficient and will last several times longer than standard light bulbs. 

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