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Before and After Pictures from Wolcott
Repair of Unsafe Wiring, Wolcott

Repair of Unsafe Wiring, Wolcott

Before After
Repair of Unsafe Wiring, Wolcott Repair of Unsafe Wiring, Wolcott

In the original picture, our technicians found this old disconnect was used in place of a junction box. As you can see, the wiring is clearly unsafe and not attached to the wall properly, as it was just hanging over the plumbing in the home. The subfeed wires were not properly incased in a conduit either. All of these problems can be very dangerous, so our technicians took proper action to remedy the situation. Our technicians cleaned up the wiring nicely and made everything much neater and safer, and installed a junction box for all of the wires to be held and organized.

Outdated Equipment Upgraded, Wolcott

Outdated Equipment Upgraded, Wolcott

Before After
Outdated Equipment Upgraded, Wolcott Outdated Equipment Upgraded, Wolcott

As you can see in the before picture, this old fuse box was wired very unsafely with wires hanging down. Our technicians fixed this problem by installing a 200 amp service on the front of the home, and we sub fed the wiring to the new 100 amp sub panel on the other side of the home. The after picture shows the sub panel with all of the wiring nicely organized and cleaned up far better than the previous fuse box. The new electrical service and sub panel are much more up to date and are a much safer option than the fuse box.

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Testimonial by Melissa G. from Wolcott, NY

Residential Electrical Contractor in Wolcott, NY

Are you searching for a reliable and local electrician to fix electrical problems in your home? Marlock Electric employs expert electricians that will provide the highest quality of electrical services in your Wolcott home.  By scheduling a FREE estimate, you will be able to hear firsthand what our certified expert recommends to ensure your home is safe and up to code.    

Electrical issues are a safety hazard for you and your family.  If you know you have a problem, do not wait until it is too late! Faulty or frayed wiring can cause detrimental house fires, something that is avoidable with up-to-code electrical.  Call 1-844-747-2911 or click to schedule your FREE, no-obligation estimate with your locally owned and trusted electrician — Marlock Electric!

Commercial Electrician Proudly Serving Wolcott

Owning a commercial property comes with the responsibility to ensure the building and those who work inside are safe.  Electrical that is not up to code is a serious safety hazard.  If you need someone to solve a specific electrical problem or you are unsure about your building being up to code, contact your dependable electricians at Marlock Electric.  As your local experts, we provide a wide variety of commercial electrical services to keep your business open and running smoothly.

We offer free estimates in Wolcott and nearby areas.  Call us today at 1-844-747-2911 or click to schedule yours with a licensed commercial electrician.  

Generator Installation in Wolcott, NY

Home Generator Set UpNew York can experience intense weather that results in power outages.  These outages an sometimes last for days, or even longer. If your home does not have a generator, then you and your family will experience complications due to the power outage.  The best way to ensure life goes on as normal during an outage is to have a permanent generator installed.

A whole-house generator installed by Marlock Electric provides backup electrical power to keep important home systems operational.  Our permanent generator solutions provide better quality, durability, and protection than portable generators.

We install home generators that are designed to come on automatically when utility-supplied electricity is interrupted. Special circuitry is installed between the generator and your main electrical service panel that can allocate standby electrical power to different circuits. This control circuitry ensures that key home systems (water heaters, HVAC system, refrigerator, etc.) can keep operating.  Our generators also offer the option for Mobile Link control, allowing you to run your generator remotely from anywhere.

With a properly sized home generator, you won’t need to empty your refrigerator or move into a hotel. There will be no need to call upon friends if you need to take showers, wash clothes, or enjoy the comfort of heated or air conditioned living space. When the grid goes down, a home generator comes to the rescue with backup electrical power.  Call 1-844-747-2911 or click to schedule your free estimate! We provide reliable generator installation in Wolcott and nearby areas!

Case Studies From Wolcott
This customer originally called us to replace the screw-in fuse box she had in her home. When our project estimator arrived, he expressed his concern...
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Service Upgrade and Safety Issues Repaired, Wolcott

At this customer's home, our team began our work by upgrading their 100 amp service to a 200 amp service while relocating it to the front of the home, as well as installing a 100 amp sub-panel. While our technicians were in the homeowner's basement, they noticed that the wiring was very unsafe, that the connections were not in an approved junction box and that the box was unsheilded. Our team made the needed corrections to improve the safety of this home. Our technicians also upgraded the washer circuit to a GFCI as outlets in a wet location, or a location that could possibly get wet, should always have GFCI outlets. These particular outlets (ground fault circuit interrupters) are very important to have in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms (any room with a sink basically) because these outlets can sense a leak or imbalance in the electrical current, and cut the power before someone is shocked. While on the path of improving safety conditions in the laundry room, our technicians also recommended that the dryer circuit be switched to a 4 wire conductor as they are much safer and are better able to prevent electrical shock. Lastly, the lighting in the basement was updated and three way switching was installed, so that the lights could be controlled for 2 different locations. 

Alot of older homes are not up to code for electrical safety, and in order to bring them up to code, multiple steps need to be taken, such as the projects completed at this home in Wolcott, NY. 

Service Upgrade and Safety Issues Repaired, Wolcott - Photo 1Service Upgrade and Safety Issues Repaired, Wolcott - Photo 2Service Upgrade and Safety Issues Repaired, Wolcott - Photo 3
Fire Hazard Fixed With Service Upgrade, Wolcott

This customer originally called us to replace the screw-in fuse box she had in her home. When our project estimator arrived, he expressed his concern over it being a huge fire hazard. Fuse boxes are found in many older homes and they are very outdated nowadays as they can't handle the electrical load for her every day household equipment to run. Many fuse boxes that our technicians see, are hazardous due to overloading the fuses which lead to blown fuses, as well as modifications homeowners try to make. For example, many people plug in too many electrical appliances to one outlet, which can lead to multiple blown fuses. Most people then replace that fuse with a bigger fuse attempting to fix the problem by making sure the fuse doesn't blow anymore. The problem with that is the wires are not rated for the bigger fuse, but are only rated for the original one which creates a huge fire hazard because it can severely damage the wiring. Overall, fuse boxes do not have the amperage needed to run today's modern conventions, making them extremely unsafe. Our project estimator recommended she upgrade her service to avoid any future problems and improve the safety of her home. The customer realized the need for an upgraded service and was thankful Marlock Electric caught the problem when we did. Our technicians successfully upgraded her service, and moved the service and meter to the opposite corner of the home. We are happy to help customers solve dangerous electrical problems in their homes, making them feel much safer.

Another completed Fastrac project in Wolcott, NY

Marlock Electric, Inc. has completed two Fasttrac convenience stores to date. Our commercial electricians have the knowledge and dedication to see these projects from start to finish and beyond. This Fastrac was built just off the 104 corridor in Wolcott, NY, providing not only fuel but convenience foods as well as a small restaurant area in which we were instrumental in all aspects of the electric installation. 

We invite you to request a bid for your next large scale commercial project as we believe we are both competitive as well as knowledgeable enough to crush the competition! Feel free to call our office today!

Another completed Fastrac project in Wolcott, NY - Photo 1
Work Requests From Wolcott, NY
Project Location: Wolcott, NY
I need a Nema 14-50 outlet installed in my garage to charge my EV.
Project Location: Wolcott, NY
Looking to purchase a Generac for my cottage.
Project Location: Wolcott, NY
My house is 1900sq ft. Looking for pricing on a Generator with installation
Project Location: Wolcott, NY
RGE was out on a service call for flickering lights, They repaired connections at the transformer and weather head. Noted heavy corrosion in the meter box. Recommended it be replaced. Would like a quote to replace meter box and feed wire from meter to panel board in house. Thank you
Project Location: Wolcott, NY
Upgrade to 200Amp service panel. (Possible upgrade to external feed from weather head down) I purchased a tankless hot water heater with three chambers. Currently only utilizing two chambers due to a lack of room in my panel. Currently if my electric furnace and air handler run at the same time as the hot water heater, I blow fuses. I would like the third leg of the hot water heater hooked up once the panel is upgraded. (Would prefer to use a Seimens panel so I can reuse my current breakers.) Lastly the grinder pump installed for the public sewers needs to be hooked up once the new panel and service is installed.
Project Location: Wolcott, NY
I would like a quote for changing my residential service from a 100 amp to a 200 amp service. Can you email me a quote. Currently working so I will not be able to answer the phone until after 5PM. You can email me questions and I will try and answer them.
Project Location: Wolcott, NY
Whole house generator for 1100 sq ft home
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