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Repair of Unsafe Wiring, Wolcott

In the original picture, our technicians found this old disconnect was used in place of a junction box. As you can see, the wiring is clearly unsafe and not attached to the wall properly, as it was just hanging over the plumbing in the home. The subfeed wires were not properly incased in a conduit either. All of these problems can be very dangerous, so our technicians took proper action to remedy the situation. Our technicians cleaned up the wiring nicely and made everything much neater and safer, and installed a junction box for all of the wires to be held and organized.

Outdated Equipment Upgraded, Wolcott

As you can see in the before picture, this old fuse box was wired very unsafely with wires hanging down. Our technicians fixed this problem by installing a 200 amp service on the front of the home, and we sub fed the wiring to the new 100 amp sub panel on the other side of the home. The after picture shows the sub panel with all of the wiring nicely organized and cleaned up far better than the previous fuse box. The new electrical service and sub panel are much more up to date and are a much safer option than the fuse box.

Auditorium LED Lighting Upgrade

Installation of some new LED lighting for this auditorium. These fixtures will provide much needed light for various events.

New Whole House Generator Installation for Henrietta, NY Homeowner

We were able to accommodate this Henrietta, NY homeowner with a professional installation of his pre-purchased Generac whole house generator. Our project estimator went through the needs of the homeowner and helped him to identify what would best suit his needs. Our professional installers were able to get the electric and plumbing done all in one day to get the Generac generator up and running. Another home saved from a power outage with a whole house standby generator. 

Electric project for housing in Rochester, NY

As a new housing complex is being erected, Marlock Electric, Inc. is working hard to complete the six buildings and recreation center for  the 33 unit development now in phase II. The units are all newly built and will serve the community at large. We are a proud partner for this project and look forward to its completion in the very near future. 

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