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Residential Electrical Services Case Studies: Underground electric issues for homeowner in Farmington, NY

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 by Annmarie Lent


A Farmington, NY customer called to complain that they were having flickering of their lights and appliances intermittently. After some time, it became apparent to them that there was something very wrong, but they could not identify the issue. Marlock technicians were sent to troubleshoot the flickering. Upon further inspection is was determined that the previous electrician didn't install the underground wiring per code and left it exposed to the earth. The soil in this area was very rocky and there was no sand to cover the exposed electric causing it to break in areas that caused the shorting of the electric throughout the house.


Our technicians got right to work with the backhoe digging up the poorly installed underground electric, replacing the faulty conductors and installing them in conduit to protect the wires from the elements preventing future damage. The electric is now no longer flickering and the customer is back up and running. 

We ask that you consider us before such a problem occurs, but if you need us we will be there. Our professional staff will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding issues you might be having in your home. Feel free to call our office today 1-844-747-2911

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