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Residential Electrical Services Case Studies: Frequent Power Outages Fixed, Macedon

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 by Mark Lockwood


 An elderly woman contacted us because she was experiencing frequent power outages and was becoming quite concerned. These power outages were happening randomly, and rarely ever in storms so she knew that there was an electrical problem. Sometimes, even a single room's power would go out at a time, while the next room over still had power. She was worried about the problem and just wanted it fixed ASAP. When our project estimator arrived and checked out her electrical service, he realized she had a breaker box. From this, he concluded that the homeowner was overloading the breaker panel due to exceeding the electrical capacity it was designed for. Our project estimator also noticed many of her lights were old and outdated which was likely adding on to the problem of power outages.


It was recommended to the homeowner that her service be upgraded to a 200 amp service with grounding, which she agreed and wanted it to be done immediately. Our crew also re-fed a new 100 amp sub panel which can distribute power to a specific area of the home, and is more convenient to  access if needed. New light fixtures were also installed as the old ones were outdated and needed to be replaced. Other work that our crew did while there, was install junction box covers to protect wires carrying electrical currents, and install a GFCI outlet near the new panel. This homeowner is no longer experiencing the frequent loss of power as she can be worry free about overloading her service.

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