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Residential Electrical Services Case Studies: Outdated Electrical Outlets Replaced, Ontario

Thursday, June 13th, 2019 by Mark Lockwood


A year ago, we had a customer contact us to change an electric panel, re-wire lights, and install new outlets, all in his garage. We had done work with this customer before, such as replacing an outlet that was not working, and installing a Generac 16kw generator. Earlier this year, the same customer called us again to troubleshoot faulty outlets in his home. When our technicians arrived, they saw two-prong outlets which are not grounded and can be hazardous due to stray currents. The use of two-prong outlets could result in someone being electrocuted, or a power surge through sensitive electronics, which can destroy them in the process. Because of this, the outlet could burn up/catch on fire if something surges. These outlets are very old and outdated and are unsafe for modern electronics such as computers, TVs, air conditioners, vacuums, etc. If you purchase something that has a plug with three prongs, you should be using three-prong outlets to plug the items in to. Our technicians told the homeowner at this time, that he should have all outlets be replaced as they are not safe. The customer decided that he did not want to do so at this time, leaving his home at risk.


Four months after the suggestion of his outlets being replaced, the same customer called for his annual generator maintenance. While our certified technicians were there, he told them he thought that "it was time," to replace his outlets because he wanted to be reassured about the safety of his home. Our team replaced all of the remaining two-prong outlets with three-prong outlets. If you are reading this and your home has two-prong outlets, you may want to consider getting them replaced and upgraded with three-prong outlets to avoid any fire hazards and other dangers. 

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