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Residential Electrical Services Case Studies: Circuits for Sewing Machine, Ontario

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 by Mark Lockwood


A customer called us concerned about the load on her circuits due to using too much power. As she further explained her concern and the reasoning behind it, she talked about how she uses multiple sewing machines a lot in her free time as it is one of her hobbies. On top of other electrical appliances she uses such as the microwave, washer & dryer, refrigerator, etc., she was worried that her large use of her sewing machines would overload the circuits. Despite her concerns, she did not want to stop sewing, or limit how much she sewed. She also needed to use multiple machines at a time to be more efficient with her time, and complete multiple parts of the project at once, or multiple projects at once. This customer wanted to know if their was anything Marlock Electric could do to relieve her from her worries, and make the usage of all her electrical appliances safer. 


Upon arrival, our technicians determined that the best solution would be to install new circuits for her sewing machines. Marlock Electric provided both the materials and labor for this project, and installed new circuits that were completely dedicated to her sewing machines in her basement. This helps separate the electrical load from her other electrical appliances. Even though this was a minor problem and did not cause any serious troubles, it is better to be safe than sorry. This customer can now have peace of mind when completing her projects by use of her sewing machines, and not worry about overloading the circuits. While we were there, the customer also needed a new switch and face plate installed for her bath fan.


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