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Residential Electrical Services Case Studies: Fire Hazard Fixed with Service Upgrade, Wolcott

Friday, May 31st, 2019 by Mark Lockwood


This customer originally called us to replace the screw-in fuse box she had in her home. When our project estimator arrived, he expressed his concern over it being a huge fire hazard. Fuse boxes are found in many older homes and they are very outdated nowadays as they can't handle the electrical load for her every day household equipment to run. Many fuse boxes that our technicians see, are hazardous due to overloading the fuses which lead to blown fuses, as well as modifications homeowners try to make. For example, many people plug in too many electrical appliances to one outlet, which can lead to multiple blown fuses Most people then replace that fuse with a bigger fuse attempting to fix the problem by making sure the fuse doesn't blow anymore. The problem with that is the wires are not rated for the bigger fuse, but are only rated for the original one which creates a huge fire hazard because it can severely damage the wiring. Overall, fuse boxes do not have the amperage needed to run today's modern conventions, making them extremely unsafe. 


Our project estimator recommended she upgrade her service to avoid any future problems and improve the safety of her home. The customer realized the need for an upgraded service and was thankful Marlock Electric caught the problem when we did. Our technicians successfully upgraded her service, and relocated the service and meter to the opposite corner of the home. We are happy to educate customers about ways to improve the electrical safety in their homes, as well as helping solve dangerous problems, giving them a sense of comfort and security.

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