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Residential Electrical Services Case Studies: Service call in Naples, NY finds water damage

Friday, February 19th, 2016 by Annmarie Lent


Our office was called up for a customer that was having trouble with their heater in the coldest part of the winter. They stated the heater was not working and they were afraid of getting frozen pipes and he also found arching in the panel box. He referred to the noise as a "sizzle". 


The technician went to the site and found that the panel had water damage in it and it was damaging the panel and some of the breakers inside the box. The technician was able to cut the power for safety and safely repaired the damaged wire to the heater as well as a breakers that were damaged. The panel box was resealed at the top of the meter to keep the water from getting in the panel. The electric was turned back on and everything was tested out. This repair could have caused a fire and we were happy to know that the issue was resolved in a short service call. 

Electric can be very harmful if it comes in contact with water. Please consider examining your equipment regularly to be sure your panel box is free from moisture and rust. Call us if you would like us to look over your panel box today. 

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