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Residential Electrical Services Case Studies: Generator Issues for Clyde, NY Family

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 by Annmarie Lent


An annual generator maintenance was requested of this Clyde, NY homeowner as yearly maintenance is so very important in the daily operation of a standby generator. The homeowner indicated that he seemed to be having issues with the unit running its regular weekly check up and they asked our technician to troubleshoot the issue while performing yearly maintenance. Once on site, the technician started performing the maintenance check with generator including changing the oil, checking the battery voltage, transfer switch, transferring load, checking the gas, wiring and the enclosure all general maintenance items very important to regular operation of the unit. The technician was having issues starting the unit and it seemed as though the gas line had water in it and there was no pressure. This was certainly alarms to our certified technician that there may be an issue with the underground gas line going to the unit and a pressure test was scheduled. The second technician went on site and found there ware indeed gas line leaks and the gas line needed repair immediately.  


Upon return to the Clyde, NY residence the homeowner had dug up the gas line and our technician proceeded to replace the old gas line and risers. When completed he tested out the gas line for proper pressure, checked all fittings and and retested the generator to be sure it was running again perfectly. The technician re-set the unit for self-testing once a week and the homeowner was asked to be sure that weekly testing continued. We are happy to say that the generator is running great now and the gas line completely repaired and up to par with the unit. 

Again, we recommend at least yearly generator maintenance to keep it running at its best. Yearly maintenance will allow our certified technician to look over the unit and be sure everything is running properly, that there are no flaws and that it will continue to operate during a power outage for years to come. Servicing your generator is as important as servicing any other electrical equipment, as proper maintenance will give you many worry free years of your equipment. It can also identify when a small issue is at hand to avoid a big issue later.

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