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Generator Installation Photo Album: Old Underground Gas Line in Clyde, NY Causes Generator Issues

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This Clyde, NY customer had been having issues with keeping their generator running its regular weekly exercise. Just like a car, a generator needs periodic check ups too. This check up or yearly maintenance will keep the unit up and running when it is needed most. We scheduled annual maintenance while troubleshooting the issue with the generator not wanting to start up and found the issue to be with the gas line underground. The line over time formed a leak and it was causing the unit to shut off. The pictures of this leak show that over time if not maintained properly, your generator will go "dark" as will your home, spoiling the reason for having a generator in the first place. We recommend yearly generator maintenance by a professional certified technician who will identify with any issues you may be having or issues that could come up that you don't even know about, until the generator is not starting when you need it most.  

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