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Commercial Electrical Services Photo Album: Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrade, Marion

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This local manufacturing company contacted us to upgrade their old HID lighting to LED high bay fixtures for the purpose of having more energy efficient lighting. The new lighting that our team installed offers high efficiency and long life, and was designed for warehouses such as this company.

The new LED lighting has a much longer life span than the old high bay fixtures with HID lamps, and they also illuminate instantly with rapid switching as opposed to the old lighting which takes a few seconds to achieve full brightness as each fixture has a warm-up and cool down period. LED has a very high light quality and keeps maintenance costs low, which is super important to this company as fixtures burn each and everyday for 16-20 hours due to 2 shifts of employees working. The new lighting is extremely energy efficient relative to every other commercially available lighting technology, and will far out perform the old HID lighting with a decrease in wattage by 250 watts per fixture.

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