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Commercial Electrical Services Case Studies: More than a Generator Maintenance Checkup in Newark NY

Saturday, November 16th, 2019 by Chrisie Marlock


As with all of our generators, this family’s generator has a yearly preventive maintenance plan. This Generac Home Standby Generator was installed about a year and a half ago. The homeowners called and scheduled their appointment and the crew was out to see them in about a week. During the inspection, the electrician found that the bushings had failed and caused some internal components to not work properly. 


As the generator was under warranty there was no cost to the homeowner to \replace the parts and get the machine in good running order again. The electricians at Marlock Electric take pride in their work. They choose to go the extra step to ensure that the customer is satisfied. This visit was no different. The homeowners agreed to allow the electricians to take the generator back to our shop to complete the maintenance needed.

The electricians identified what components were needed to make the repair and ordered them right away. The components arrived quickly, and the electricians took the Generac generator apart and made the repair to the bushings as well as the other areas that were affected. The machine and internal parts were cleaned up and the generator was delivered back to the home in Newark, NY.

The generator was reinstalled and tested. It ran perfectly. The homeowners were now ready for any power outages that came their way.  The team at Marlock Electric was proud to make the service to the machine because it’s going that extra step for the customers that give them satisfaction every day!

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