Is Your Home Protected From Power Surges?

Power surges are electrical spikes in your homes electrical system and are actually more common than most people think. They can be caused by things such as a lightning strike, downed trees on power lines, faulty wiring in the residence, when larger electrical loads are calling for power, and when the flow of electricity is interrupted then started again. When these high voltage spikes occur, the electrical surge enters your home and continues through your devices and appliances, damaging them in the process as they can’t withstand the extra voltage. Many homeowners have lost thousands of dollars due to important electrical appliances being damaged from a surge. There have been extreme cases where the house has actually caught on fire. Reading this, I’m sure every homeowner is thinking one thing; “how can I prevent this from happening to my home?” Having a whole house surge protector is an easy way to add safety to your electrical system. Many surge protectors are meant to be installed externally/outside of the electric panel so that when homeowners walk by, they can see whether or not their home is protected, by looking at the visual indicator lights. When your home is protected and you have a power surge, instead of the electrical spike traveling through your electronic devices in your home, the surge protector absorbs the over voltage. Even if the electrical surge does enter your home, it reduces the surges to a safe level for the electronic devices and appliances. Marlock Electric has installed many surge protectors at the request of homeowners to provide them peace of mind with their protection against power surges. If you would like to know more about how you can avoid the detrimental effects of power surges and experience this sense of security, call our office today!

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