The Importance of Generators

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The installation of Generators are increasing rapidly as homeowners/business executives are realizing the great importance they have. Generators are machines that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, and then transfer that power to the home's electrical panel. They automatically activate seconds after power is lost, and shut off on their own once power is restored. Living in Upstate New York, we all experience many different storms throughout the year such as snow storms/blizzards, ice storms, thunderstorms, and windstorms which can all cause power outages. Think back to the ice storm of 1991 that left many people without power for 2 weeks... Other common causes of power outages include trees falling on power lines (possibly from high winds), and a high power demand. When a home loses power, they lose heating/air conditioning, power to all electrical appliances (causing temperatures to drop in refrigerators and freezers which can cause food to spoil and go to waste), lighting, television, all electrical outlets, and no hot water. You could possibly even lose all access to water if you are someone who uses well water which requires power. Generators also keep submersible pumps powered so your basement does not get flooded, which is common in power outages. We have seen customer's basements that are completely ruined due to flooding during a power outage; the furniture, walls, molding, and flooring are all ruined which can be anywhere from $30-60k lost. Not having access to power for a little bit seems like it might not be a big deal, but think about how you would be effected if you lost power for even just a day. You would have no access to any entertainment (i.e. radio/television), no landline and limited access to cell phones due to not being able to charge your phone, limited access to laptops because of the same reason, and no access to a desktop computer which is a major problem for people who work from home. Another potential problem would be not being able to operate your garage door with your car stuck inside, leaving many people unable to leave until power is restored. As you can see, losing power can be a problem for many reasons, but the scariest problems occur in the winter. With temperatures well below freezing, and the wind chill bringing it below zero at times, nobody wants to be stuck at home with no heat. There is also the risk of pipes freezing if the power is lost and it is cold enough, but with a generator the heat is kept on even in the worst and coldest storms, so pipes can never freeze. Utility companies have cut down on man power over the years which means they can't service power outages as fast paced as before, leaving more and more homeowners without power for much longer. Do you have a back up plan?

Generators are absolutely necessary in buildings requiring a constant source of electricity such as airports, hospitals/doctors offices, hotels, etc. all to make sure travelers and patients remain safe and protected. Even though homeowners do not necessarily need a constant source of electricity, it is still very important for safety reasons like the ones listed above, and convenience. Many businesses decide to purchase generators as well to avoid losing any important data/work and to keep their company running successfully. 

Generators supply people with constant reassurance that they will be safe during a power outage, giving them peace of mind whenever a big storm is coming, as they have nothing to worry about. Any interruption on whatever we do that requires electricity can be completely avoided. Although a generator may seem like a big investment, your safety and well being is something you can not put a price on, and if they are well maintained, they can last 30+ years! A certified technician should be checking your generator once a year to keep it running smoothly. 

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