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Marlock Electric Case Studies: Burning electrical smell in bedroom for Macedon, NY Homeowner

Friday, January 13th, 2017 by Annmarie Lent


A Macedon, NY homeowner called our office and indicated that she had a "burning" smell in her grandsons bedroom area of the house. She had already had her propane company out to troubleshoot and they were not able to find the source of the smell. Subsequently she was advised to contact the fire department for them to do a thorough search to hopefully find the source of the burning smell. The fire department was also unable to find the source of the smell, so our professionals were asked to step in to relieve the homeowner that there was not an electric issue. 


Our technician got right to work checking the electrical receptacles, switches and appliances to be sure that there were no fire hazards in all areas of the home. Upon inspection of the ceiling lighting our technician found the source of the foul electric smell coming from a CFL bulb in a ceiling light. After explaining that the fixture was only meant to have a 40 watt incandescent light, it was replaced and the homeowner was once again feeling safe in her home. 

We trust that our technicians have the knowledge to bridge the gap in troubleshooting issues that could be very frightening to some homeowners. We are happy to announce this homeowner is very pleased with our expertise and will call on us again in the future. 

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