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Marlock Electric Case Studies: Outdated 100amp service no longer a hazard for Newark, NY home

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 by Annmarie Lent


Our estimator was called to this newly purchased home in Newark to look at the removal of a hot water heater timer that NYSEG said would need a licensed electrician to remove. upon review of the customers current electrical panel the estimator found that the panel was more that outdated and not up to code at all. 

Electric panels contain safety devices either fuses or circuit breakers that trip and shut off the power when too much electricity flows through them. this helps prevent fires caused by overheating. The panel the estimator examined was a very outdated Federal Pacific type fuse box. Fuse boxes in today's homes are unsafe because they have usually been modified to try to service today's energy demands, such as this hot water heater timer. Placing too many things on these circuits will lead to fuses blowing out and having to be replaced all too often and may become a serious fire hazard.


Our estimator very quickly explained these fire hazards in their home and quoted out a new 100amp panel to be installed. This gave them both safety as well as the ability to take on the new demands that we sometimes take for granted of our electric in our homes. We always assume we just "plug" it in and it works. 

We were able to install a new 100amp service allowing the homeowner to have ample space to add to their growing demand for additional circuits where needed as they upgrade withing their home. They also have now avoided a major electrical hazard that the old fuse type panel may have caused.  

We highly suggest that if you have one of these unsafe and outdated electrical panels, you consider replacing them. At the very least, we suggest you have an electrical inspection to see if there are signs of any problems that could cause major damage to one of your most valuable assets.

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